Roll for Dexterity: Starfinder Reference Progress Update

Oct 15, 2017

Progress update on site security, page content, and navigation. Plus a new member joins the DragonLash party! With her comes a Facebook group, more frequent updates, and general savviness.


I'm pretty psyched for this update.


DragonLash is GO for https. That means the site 's secure and I can ramp up building user logins, which in turn means storing your site preferences – which in turn means:

  • filter view to only see the content sources your GM allows
  • choosing images preference (to load or not to load)
  • eventually: building and saving characters


  • Finished adding in rules content, still more to go.
  • Progress made on the game mastering section, still more to come.


  • Added top-nav bread crumb. Now if you find the site from a google search result, you can still see where you are. The side-nav is still kind of a beast for now.
  • Added more hyperlinks within/between pages. For example, when viewing a spell, if the spell is bless gives you +1 to saving throws, each of the saving throws will be linked to send you to each throw. (Note: You’ll see some in-book references that don’t apply in a mobile setting, those are getting taken out as I spot them.)
  • Added more structure to the Home page navigation
  • Images: In case you're wondering why the site is a bit minimalist, it's to keep loading speeds quick and pages streamlined so you can find what you're looking for easier.
  • Tables: I’m psyched about translating the tables from PDF format to a condensed, searchable, mobile-optimized view. That page is still giant, but the Search function is there to mitigate that.


  • Follow the new DragonLash Facebook page for updates!
  • Join the DragonLash Facebook Group to discuss Starfinder, Pathfinder, DragonLash, whathaveyou.
  • +1 Charisma: My cool af little sister has joined the DragonLash ranks. She knows *almost* nothing about Starfinder and Pathfinder, but grew up around Dungeons & Dragons and is psyched to learn these games. Plus she knows a metric shitton more about building a community than I do.

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