• DragonLash began as a side-project in October 2016 by two people – a Pathfinder veteran and a total newb – originally to specifically address the need for a reliably-accessible Pathfinder and Starfinder quick-reference guides. Easy-peasy. Alas, the nerding intensified and the side-project grew into the beast you see before you today.


  • Dan’s a RPG veteran, having played Dungeons & Dragons from age 10 in his parent’s weird basement through to college graduation. He took some time off to play World of Warcraft when college friends dispersed, and started playing Pathfinder three years ago. Once his cool af wife gave birth to the cutest baby ever to be born, the party began playing via virtual tabletop. In real life Dan is an engineer, researcher, and baby-entertainer.


  • Becky’s the newb. She was never cool enough to play D&D with her older brother and his stupid friends. So now she and her cloak of resentment are starting to learn the game, as if she doesn’t have other shit to do. She’s focused on the content & community front. In real life she does similar work for tech startups and swears like a sailor because she is one.