Privacy Policy

To help us improve your experience on our site, uses Google Analytics to monitor visitor behavior to gain insight into this website's performance. From this information, we learn what pages are most popular, load the fastest, and what the peak usage hours are, among other things. This allows us to prioritize what pages to work on, and avoid bringing down the server when it's in heavy use. I also learn roughly what geographic areas the site's visitors are from, this will be useful for when I start working on language translations. I also receive information on the device and browser that the visitor is using, such as screen resolution and browser type and version, which I consider when creating the site layout.

For serving ads we use Google's AdSense to serve personalized ads to visitors.

If you wish to opt out of your acceptance of our Privacy Policy, you can do so by going to your browser settings and clearing your cookies and site data.

You can learn more about Google's privacy policies for their Google Analytics and AdSense services here.